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Oceanus Co. Limited is a company registered in England & Wales. Registration No. 11302051

The Companies focus principally on small to medium sized projects utilising the South  Korean sister companies engineering resources to provide a high level, innovative EPCIC service.

Other major business activities include the design and construction of modular refineries for third parties; profiting from its ability to deliver projects by leveraging on its expertise, supplier networks and library of proprietary designs and the provision of ongoing maintenance contracts.

The complex refinery systems, originally designed in the Ukraine that are utilised by the Companies have undergone an element of re-design, by the Companies  engineering team They are manufactured in Korea, with some elements fabricated local to project location, where possible, utilising manufacturing resources of the highest engineering standards.

The Companies principal employees and associates have over the past 30 years completed and worked on major petro-chemical engineering projects for major O&G industry names, including: Murco, BP, British Gas, Shell, Azko-Nobel, Saudi Aramco, Texaco, Petrobras, KNOC, Qatar Petoleum, Qatar Gas, Samsung Engineering, Hyundai Heavy Industries, SK Energy, PEMEX.


The Company exercises the highest standards of corporate governance and social responsibility and operates its facilities with a strict adherence to environmental safety.

Core Business Activities